Spring Kickoff 2020 Eye-Catchers

Spring Kickoff 2020 Eye -Catchers

Sunday was the only chance we got to take in the class of 2020 at the Spring Kickoff outside of a couple of guards that played up with the 16’s. The Minnesota D1 team was loaded with potential at every position tall and skilled. The Colorado Hawks, Colorado Miners, Billups Elite and Colorado Premier  have a bunch of young fellas that will make a name for themselves soon enough. Here are a five that caught our eye.


Quinten Rock 6’0 – Colorado Hawks / Smoky Hill

Rock normally play with the Mac Irvin Fire out of Chicago but he played with the Hawks 16’s at the Spring Kickoff. He showed that he is a skilled guard that can knock down a 3. Rock has the ability to run and orchestrate an offense looking forward to seeing more of that. He is just scratching the surface of his potential.


Ty Foster 5’11 – Colorado Hawks / Lincoln

Foster might have the most upside of the 15’s Hawks if he continues to grow. He showed that he is an athletic and strong shot maker that has good ball handling skills.


Kobe Sanders 6’0 G – Billups Elite / Chaparral

Sanders played with the Billups Elite 16’s and looked good in the time that he saw. He did well handling the ball and finding the open man. He also did a good job of picking and choosing his times to score.


Dawson Garcia 6’7 W – Minnesota D1 / Prior Lake

At 6’7 Garcia handles the ball well and could play spots 2-4 if he continues to progress with his skill development. Garcia has a good basketball IQ. Showed that he could score facing the basket and was willing to take a 3. Fluid runner which many 15-year-olds his size are not. He also did a good job on the boards. He is a very intriguing prospect and one to keep an eye on.


Kerwin Walton 6’4 G – Minnesota D1 / Blake School

Not much to not like about a 6’4 athlete with skill and a good feel for the game. Lots of potential with Walton depending on how he matures physically.