Rocky Mountain Fall Showcase 2017

Rocky Mountain Fall Showcase 2017

The Rocky Mountain Fall Showcase always has some memorable performances and this year was no exception.   A hammer dunk by a freshman, all-out effort by a sophomore, the smoothness of a junior, the record-setting performance of a senior and the track meet of the Top 20 game are just some of the memories etched in at the Rocky Mountain Fall Showcase.

2021 Freshmen Game

The freshman game may have been the best-played game of the day. Neither team spent a lot of time standing and watching on the offensive end while both talked on defense even if rotations didn’t occur.  The guards were eager to push the ball up the floor and hit the open man. Meanwhile, the forwards were active and made the most out the guards willingness to pass. There is a lot to like about who played at the event even though one or two of the top players may not have attended.  There were plenty of eye-catcher in this game.

Nolan Marold a 6’5 forward from ThunderRidge was active and aggressive all day. He had the play of the freshman game when he ripped through baseline and hammer dunked in traffic.

But it was the overall play of Smoky Hill guard Jordan Whitaker that was the difference in the game and why he won the Most Outstanding Player award.


Whitaker had been solid for the entire game, but he took it to another level in the second half. He was aggressive yet efficient getting to the basket and caused a couple of steals on defense that led to a 10 point scoring streak which helped his team pull away with the win.

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2020 Sophomore Game

The sophomore game had a different vibe than the previous game. There wasn’t nearly as much sharing of the ball or the talking on defense.  6’5 Luke O’Brien from Columbine came stroking from behind the three-point line, and 6’2 Devin Carter was testing his shot early and often. However, the Most Outstanding Player of the game was 6’2 guard Taylor Harris. He played a complete game. He defended, rebounded, ran the court and was very efficient from the field.  Few felt like, wanted, or could keep up with him.

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2019 Junior Game

It was a competitive game until the second half when 6’4 guard Avery Rembao hit his smooth stride.  The junior guard from Loveland rattled off 1o straight points providing the fuel for his team to pull away.  Rembao didn’t force the issue and let the game and his shots come to him.


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2018 Senior Game

There was definitely a difference in the veterans, and the newcomers in the senior game and Daijon Smith sent a message loud and clear.  Overland senior guard Daijon Smith set the record for three-pointers in a game (13) and the record for most points in a game with 49 points.  Meanwhile, Justin McCaw of ThunderRidge also had a game for himself with nearly 30 points and ten assists. With most of those assists going to Smith.


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Top 20 Game

The Top 20 game was a track meet for most of the event. Long passes, easy layups, and transition three-pointers highlighted the game. It wasn’t NBAAll-Starr quality defense as some players closed out and on occasion, players went mono e mono and forced tough shots.


6’4 Denver East guard Daylen Kountz put up over 30 points himself but it was Sam Masten of Rock Canyon who earned the Most Outstanding Player award.  Masten scored 23 of his 34 points in the second half off strong finishes at the basket and in transition.

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