Career 1000 Point Scorers This Season

Career 1000 Point Scorers This Season

The 1000 point career scoring mark is a milestone that many high school players strive to attain. Colorado has seen a few players enter the 1000 point club this season. Below is a list that have and some that should reach 1000 point mark by the end of the season.

6’5 Sr.    Zach Hidalgo  –  Frontier Academy – went over the 100o point mark against Middle Park

6’3 Sr.  Carlos Parra – Del Norte – joined the club against La Junta

6’5 Jr. Jadeon Bowels – Manual – Reached the 1000 club early this season



Should Soon

Sr Elijah Chavez – Arrupe Jesuit – Not far away at all just 14 points from the club.

6’0 Sr. Vince Damelio  – Primero – 969 and will probably reach 1000 in the next 2-3 games

6’7 Sr. Adam Thistlewood –  Golden – Standing at the 968 mark, could be the next game or two when he joins the club.

6’4 Sr. Trent Dykema  – Sliver Creek  – Just 147 points away

6’2 Sr. Kevin Jimenez – Northglenn – Only  58 points away

6’6 Sr. Brendan Sullivan  – Highlands Ranch – Just under 200 points away and 15 games left in the regular season.

6’3 Sr. Cole Sienknecht Manitou Springs  – He could reach 1000 point club but would have to average 25 ppg for his last 16 games.

6’2 Sr. Nathan Farimont – Shining Mountain – He is going to be really close by the end of the season if he can keep up 23-24 ppg.

6’3 Sr. Moz Doria – Liberty – If he averages at 20 ppg over his last 14 games he will do it.

5’8 Jr. Andre Sepeda – Greeley West – If he averages 20 ppg for the rest of the season, that should do it.

6’4 Jr. Kenny Foster – Smoky Hill –  Standing at 810 with 14 games left should be pretty easy to do this season.

5’10 Jr. Cullen Glosson – Otis – Will be very close at he end of the season if he maintains he current output.

5’11 Jr. Skye Ciccarelli – Woodland Park –  130 points over the next 10-11 games seems doable.

6’7 Jr. Ronnie DeGray III – Chaparral – If he can keep up his 20-21 ppg average he will could finish with 1000 this season.

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