Basketball Colorado 5A Top10

Who is ready for a wild league season? Have a hunch that it is going to be a rollercoaster in some of the 5A leagues this season.

  1. Smoky Hill (10-1)
  2. Chaparral (10-2)
  3. Mountain Vista (10-0)
  4. ThunderRidge (10-2)
  5. Grandview (7-4)
  6. Overland (8-3)
  7. Rangeview (9-2)
  8. Fairview (8-3)
  9. Rock Canyon (10-2)
  10. Arvada West (8-1)

Naming #10 was difficult and at least five team can make an argument to be #10. The decision probably won’t get any easier as the season continues.

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