2018 Mountain Hoops Basketball Colorado Fall Showcase – Underclassmen

2018 Mountain Hoops Basketball Colorado Fall Showcase – Underclassmen

The underclassmen the participated at Mountain Hoops Basketball Colorado Fall Showcase held their own for the most part against a field that featured mainly seniors.  These sophomores and freshmen are ones to keep and an eye on and a couple may have a big impact on their high school teams this season.

2021 5’11 guard  – Jalen Carizales – Vista Peak

Carizales had a solid day at the showcase.  Playing against older more experienced guards didn’t really bother him as he limited the turnovers and made the easy plays.

2021 5’8 guard – Alonzo Paul – Regis Jesuit 

The class of 2021 has some really good guards and Paul needs to be in the conversation with them all. He showed a high basketball IQ and was super comfortable on the court. His passing ability is tops in his class and can get to the lane when he wants. Paul also didn’t back down from defending anyone.

2021 5’11 guard – Lovelle Marble – Overland 

Marble showed that he is a smart player and isn’t afraid of the big moment as he hit a big shot that propelled his team to victory in the final moments. Marble can handle the ball and can finish through traffic as well.

2021 6’4 guard – Christian Mickelson – Cheyenne South

Mickelson is one to keep an eye for sure after the showcase. Athletic and long as a sophomore he showed a good-looking jump shot and can hit the three. He also showed that he is fundamentally sound and has the potential to be a good wing /combo.

2021 6’2 guard – Curtis Stovall – Vista Peak

Stovall may have had the most successful day for the underclassmen at the showcase. He shot the ball well and handled it well too. He was smooth to the basket and was able to easily find the open man.

2021 5’10 guard – Michael Gregory – Eaglecrest

Gregory had his moments handling the ball and did a good job. He also showed that he was a willing three point shooter. He played his best when he was finding others and allowing them to score.

2022 6’0 guard – Dylan Sanders – Smoky Hill

Sanders stood out at the showcase as a freshman with quickness and willing to use it on the defensive end of the floor. He also showed that he was a solid ball handler and not afraid to take his shot when he had it.  Sanders is going to be fun to watch the next four years.

2022 6’2 guard – Langston Reynolds – Denver East  

Reynolds showed a lot of potential at the showcase. He showed atypical athleticism for a freshman able to easily get up by the rim. His fundamentals were solid and show room for improvement. He was good getting in the lane and did a solid job on defense, Reynolds will be another one we keep an eye on the next four years.